Peaceful Pyramids Parades
الأهرامات سلمية المسيرات
Celebrating the Ordinary
Shapes, Sizes and Colors of Pyramids, Egypt

الأشكال والأحجام والألوان من الأهرامات، مصر

Kullu Tamam Street
"The Street where Everything is Complete"

الشارع كولو تمام
Where the dogs don't bite and the boys don't fight.
حيث الكلاب لا تعض والأولاد لا يحارب
Where we live in peace without fear or aggression.
حيث أننا نعيش في سلام دون خوف أو عدوان

Mohamed - Sports Cafe Waiter
Ibramin - Proprietor of the Paint Shop Alaa - Propretor of Book Shop Mohame Hala - Proprietor of Wholesale Company
Mohamed - Waiter from Sports Qahua
Ashraf - Proprietor of Sports Qahua to the left Ibrahim - Proprietor of  Paint Shop from which film is shot and production  coordinated
Alaa - Proprietor of Book Store on the corner to the right and owner of the Peugeot Khalid -  Proprietor of wholesale locations to the left and right
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Short Films
Our reigning champion as at 20160601
لقب بطل

Mobile snapshot of
Shera Kullu Tamam
on a Ramadan
night when the water main burst.
Broken Water Main during Ramadan

attractive and stylish because of being energetic, exciting and confident
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Our Most Dashing Daughter of 2016
4 seconds

Our Dashing Children 2016
36 seconds
6:49 minutes

Our School Bag Shop

School Bags, Transport, Child Labor, Tea Ceremony
12:22 minutes

Everyday  People
February 2016 (43:31 minutes)
March 2016 (37:43 minutes)
April 2016 (1:03:27)

Project Activities and Objectives
We are filming about three hours a week as we have since the middle of February 2016.
This typically reduces to about ten or fifteen minutes of film we might want to use.
Our objective is to bring our neighborhood to you.

Our production equipment and softwares are of the most basic nature.
We would like to see videos of your Arab neighborhoods, too, and it isn't hard to compete with us in terms of technology.
Let us know
We hope you enjoy finding out more about our way of life... Shera Kullum Tamem ("The Street where Everything is Complete").
"Where we live in peace without fear or aggression."
For the moment we have uploaded the full springtime 2016 files of rough cuts.
They will be used with new material to make short topical videos.
It will be like this - on YouTube and here as well, free to download.

And then there is also: A Small Wedding in Pyramids

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