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Every client has been previously unknown to me.
Every client has paid all that I asked when my work for them was done.

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Wondering how to improve your academic writing scores or get those first few articles published in respected journals? If so, let's have a chat. Native speaker proofreading and copy editing, with an academic voice, can turn your project into a joy to behold.

Box 96 - Remaya 12572 Egypt

PhD Linguistics
Institute of Advanced Studies
Australian National University
MA Linguistics
University of Hawai'i

I am a retired American-Australian linguistics associate professor / senior lecturer doing freelance English proofreading and copy editing from my wife's home town, Cairo, Egypt.

I have had clients from approximately fifty countries over the years and as mentioned above every client has paid in full, on time, with thanks.

I am well schooled, fearless, and accurate.

I am a native speaker of American English. I have published scientific articles in US, Australian, UK, and New Zealand English and proof all those dialects according to journal or university degree requirements and, for the UK, whether to Oxford or Cambridge requirements.

I specialize in ESL copy editing to the extent possible. The thesis and article submissions often go so quickly and result in such happy thanks.
I have copy edited theses and articles for journal submissions for clients from the University of Cairo, University of Alexandria, Qatar University, King Saud University, Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, other Middle Eastern universities, a very long list of European and American/Canadian Universities and have also had occasional work from Latin America and Asia.

We sleep 4am to noon like a lot of retired Egyptians so I am available from late morning in Western Europe, through the business day in North America and into the morning working hours in Eastern Australia.

I do general copy editing and proofreading to some extent. I've published about 45 scientific works of my own in the dialects mentioned previously, mostly in the US and Aus/NZ, and in certain continental European and UK publications.

I do large public health and epidemiology project copy editing such as the decennial Eritrean health survey, led by a Norwegian group, and a large Yemeni work on child health. I proof large corporation public relations works such as histories of companies for their web sites.

I was at Australia's National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH) for seven years as a Research and Publications Officer in Emeritus Professor John C. Caldwell's Health Transition Centre (a health behaviors in poor countries unit) and was his anthropological research officer in the years that HIV was first becoming an issue, including the three years when he was President of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population.

I have been one of the occasional copy editors for a sports medicine journal that seems to have several of us read issues front to back, working from authors' final submissions after acceptance for publication. I studied the life and hard sciences a bit as an undergraduate and have stayed in touch enough to copy edit a good bit of hard science by ESL authors which were on their way to publication (physics, pharmacy, and others).

Clients have included PhD and other students from all over the world, embassies, mining corporations, manufacturing enterprises, national public health units, and other sorts of ministries from around the Middle East and beyond.

I am open to middle sized and largish projects. I require reasonable deadlines.

PhD Linguistics (Polynesian language prehistory) (The Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National U.), MA Linguistics (MalayoPolynesian languages) (U. Hawaii at Manoa), MA Anthropology (Pacific Islands Linguistics and Prehistory) (U. Iowa), BA Anthropology (African rural economies, U. Iowa).

Current Projects (retired): Breadfruit Institute (National Botanical Tropical Gardens, Hawaii) Volunteer and Liaison to Africa - working towards Beating Belgium with Breadfruit (introducing the world's best breadfruit trees [from Samoa, Rotuma, and Pohnpei] to the world's tropics [it produces dry weights of carbohydrate at a rate of about 10,000 kg/hectare while Belgium (the world's leader in the grains) produces slightly less]). You CAN have your ecoforest and eat it, too. And it is low tech and doesn't burn the soil with massive, expensive fertilizer inputs.

Countries Visited: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Micronesia, Morocco, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Portugal, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Vanuatu, Yemen (South and North, 1971), Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe.

American States Visited: All of them at least twice except for Alaska which I haven't been to at all.

Typical Projects

Dissertations,  Theses,  Academic Articles, Government and Commercial Publications
in English by Non-Native Speakers
that I have Proofread or Copy Edited


A corporation’s fire and emergency plan
A dental organization’s proclamation
A Middle East English language sports medicine journal’s issues
A national financial markets authority securities offering and listing of rules and regulations
A national food security programme study of vegetable and fruits offered at (name) central market
A naval officers training college’s manual of diplomatic etiquette
Al-Ahli audience marketing plan
An efficient hybrid data gathering algorithm based on multi-hop and mobile element in WSNs
An intelligent mobility prediction scheme for location-based service over cellular communications networks
Applying Sufi concepts on contemporary pattern design
Banking (advertising)
Biosorbent materials and handling of industrial waste
Block identification for online shopping
Budget narratives
Childhood health programmes master review document (a ministry of health)
Clinical effectiveness of independent non-medical prescribers in Type-2 diabetes care
Clothing manufacturers
Communication and marketing plan, football first team 2013-2014
Communications and advertising (ad agency clients)
Complex design and construction agreements
Complexity reduction techniques for  H.264 video coding
Computer engineering (PhD theses, several)
Construction engineering (specifications for a major new museum; others)
Cooperation protocols
Corporate financial reports including annul reports
Critique of the US community college system (a ministry of education)
Cross-national problems with new automobile guarantees
Customs service technological upgrades
Decennial Eritrean public health survey (including their Arabs)
Disposition of radioactive materials planning and permits
Economics (several theses; an analysis of American financial crisis: lessons for the Arabic world)
Embassy web sites final proofing (European nations in Egypt)
Environmental permits
Financial crisis in America and how it played out (ministry internal document on how it is affecting Middle East)
Firehouse art
Forex (a guide to Forex by an investment advisor’s group)
Geology (Isotope utilization for dating old riverbeds)
Good faith and marketing
Historic restoration documents
History (television translations of Arabic language materials into English)
Housing (government planning documents)
Human rights guides
National television interviews with people who were formerly enslaved
Islam online
Islamic materials (larger and smaller presentations of Islamic topics)
Legal guidelines on misuse of the Internet
Literature (novels, poetry)
Manufacturing machinery development (advertising)
Marketplace historic restoration planning
Mathematics (master theses)
Military facilities design requirements (warehouses, museum, officers’ quarters)
Mining corporation web site
Ministry of youth planning documents
Models of primary health care
National Day public events agenda
Non-disclosure agreements
Nutrition (public health pamphlets)
Open spaces in a national capital
Performance-based budgeting for a national health ministry
Petroleum refinement PR material
Purpose of study visa applications
Radioactive discharge of coal-burning electrical power plants
Real estate developer’s prospectus for investors (several for Egypt and SA)
Red Crescent documents, various
Religious freedom  (a govt’s document)
Religious minorities in Egypt
Revivalist Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab biography
Royal decrees
SCARECROW: Towards scalable automatic malware detection and reporting system utilizing crowd-sourcing
Security issues and equipment (airport finger/hand printing)
Sources and behaviour of mites in family dwellings
Stress experiences of international students
Study of the financial structuring for founding (nation) public joint stock company
The development of a benefits assessment model for the acquisition of electronic medical records
The diplomatic speeches of various ambassadors and ministers
The Qurán as a source of Islamic culture
The Syrian-Iran alliance
Theses and dissertations (BA honours, BS honours, MA, MS, MBA, PhD)
Transcriptions of boards of directors meetings
Tritium/Helium-3 dating of river infiltration: an example from the Oderbruch area, Berlin, Germany
University financial reports; various, annual
University internal accounting guidelines
Urban planning
Why health literacy matters
Wildlife documentation and preservation
Women in transition
Zoological studies of Middle Eastern native species

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